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Specializing in manufacturing testing equipment manufacturers. The products produced by the company are for cotton, wool, hemp, printing, dyeing and universities in the textile industry, the National Bureau of Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine, etc., and are exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Syria, Mexico, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, North Korea, Turkey, Russia and other countries.
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Comparisons between Fiber Tester and Traditional Testing Method

Fiber analyzer has been widely used for rigorous testing of sample types and has been used to check sample plans. Fiber analyzer pr…

2019-06-10 MORE+

This method determines acid detergent fibers, which are residues after digestion with H2SO4 and CTAB. Fiber residues are mainly cel…

2019-05-22 MORE+

Clothing with poor color fastness often fades, which affects the quality and is not liked by people. Therefore,…

2019-04-04 MORE+

Nowadays, textile testing instruments are necessary for many companies. They have gradually developed from simp…

2019-03-29 MORE+

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